Guests of Honor

Our Guests of Honor have been chosen for their exceptional contributions to the furry fandom, the diverse and entertaining social landscape that we all enjoy. Join us in showing them the respect they're due at Furry Fiesta!

Thunderhowl Studios

Skye Cabbit and Aiko Wolf of Thunderhowl Studios make suits prioritizing expression and comfort. Featuring custom-sized, lightweight foam heads with moving jaws and a variety of extras and expressions to choose from. Constantly striving to bring quality suits and top tier customer service. Individually Aiko and Skye love to be part of the fandom, from suiting shenanigans, artwork, and photography, to conventions and local events, they both love to express and encourage creativity and individuality. Join them in making life a bit fluffier! For more information about Thunderhowl Studios visit

Logan/Animal Shapes

Logan Volkmann (aka Animal Shapes) is a biologist by day and a fantasy artist by night. He became active in the furry community in 2012 and took up drawing after attending several art jams with friends. He specializes in digital painting and is perhaps best known online for his colorful depictions of martens, otters, and other members of the weasel family.

Logan has been fascinated with wildlife since high school; he received his Bachelor of Science in biology in 2010 and went on to complete a Master’s degree in 2014. As of February 2020, he is in the final year of a PhD project examining the impacts of forest fires on North American martens. This work has involved countless hours of navigating through burned forests and interpreting marten behavior from radio collars and tracks in snow. Logan’s research has appeared in several peer-reviewed scientific journals, including Journal of Mammalogy and Forest Ecology and Management.

When not preoccupied with research or drawing, Logan enjoys hiking, playing board games, dungeoneering, and annoying the family cat. He lives in Kelowna, British Columbia, with his spouse, Apoxon (Jenn Volkmann).

Rick Griffin

As a child, Rick Griffin frequently played out elaborate stories with stuffed animals and became weird in the head due to it and associated traumas. Therefore he decided that when he grew up, he would tell stories for a living and also become a real live dragon, or perhaps a kangaroo. Naturally, everyone shook their head at the young boy’s naivete, since as adults they knew that it was impossible to write stories as one’s sole career. They calmly explained that maybe he should get a day job as well.

The whole “day job” thing didn’t pan out. Now as the artist and author of Housepets!, A&H Club, Pit Fighters, Traitors Thieves and Liars, and other stories and comics, he is ultimately responsible for instigating far more worlds than a sane individual should be allowed.


BetaEtaDelota, is a Furry Content Creator who has been doing YouTube as a hobby for the past 7 years. Currently working towards his engineering degree, he has chosen to pursue his career in YouTube as a personal business. With Maverick the Wolf Dragon, he produces informational and comedic YouTube videos about the furry fandom. Ranging from basic topics about furries, to the more in-depth topics about the fandom, his goal is to inform and entertain people from all ages through his videos. Everyone has a different level of knowledge and understanding in the fandom and he makes use of character stills of Maverick to entertain individuals from a variety of ages and backgrounds. Stay Life Jacket! <3


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