Dealer Registration

Dealer registration for Furry Fiesta 2022 will open later in 2021.

A ‘space’ at Texas Furry Fiesta is 6’ by approximately 6’; by default this comes with one 6’ x 2.5’ table and two
chairs. Either table or chairs can be omitted, but you must let us know ahead of time.

Electricity is not included by default, but must be purchased ahead of time — it cannot be added on site. This can be done when registering (recommended) or any time prior to Pre-Registration closing.

Dealer Amenity Cost
First Space (Includes 1 Attendee-Level Badge) TBD
Additional Space (Limit 2) TBD
Power TBD

Space Allotment & Priority

Coming Soon

Registration Schedule

All times Central.

Deadline Milestone Description
Date TBD Dealer Registration Opens
Date TBD Dealer Registration Closes
Date TBD Dealer Notifications Sent
Date TBD Table Payment Due
Date TBD Unpaid/Abandoned spaces released to Waiting List

Dealers Den Rules & Regulations

Coming Soon


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