Artist Alley

At Conventions, there are multiple venues where artists and vendors interact with attendees to sell goods and services. The Dealers Den is geared for larger vendors, and offers set times and assigned seats, whereas the Artist Alley is geared specifically towards artists and crafters, offers a more flexible schedule and format, and is limited to people who wish to sell items/art of their own creation.

For the attendee, Artist Alley offers an ever-changing assortment of goods and services to browse, as the artists offering their work in the Alley will change from day to day, or even within the same day as one person leaves and another one sets up for business. We have had vendors selling a huge variety of goods over the years, from the classic sketchbook commissions and badges, to steampunk jewelry and etched glassware. The Alley starts business every day at the same time as our Dealers Den, but where the Den closes in the evening, you will find artists in the Alley working late into the night.

Please note:

Because of the ongoing COVID-19 event, all policies in the Artist Alley are subject to change, including the number of seats, size of the space allotted, hours and price. Any changes will communicated on this page and through social media as soon as they are made.

Artist Quick FAQ

All business is conducted within the Dealers Den or Artist Alley at Furry Fiesta. Anyone doing business at random tables (or anywhere else) around the Convention will be directed to stop. Failure to stop may result in the artist being not allowed in the artist alley or dealer room in the current and/or future years and also may result in removal from the convention as a whole.

General Overview

Being an artist in the alley is fairly simple and straightforward. In a nutshell, provide us with your Texas sales tax permit, then sign up for a seat on one (or more) days at the Convention. Please note the signup times and deadlines in the schedule below. If there are more seats than applicants, there will still be a lottery to determine seating order, but everyone gets a seat and we will sell off the remaining over the course of the day. If there are more artists than seats, we lottery for the seats (this lottery will also determine seating order). There is more to the process than this, so please DO read the complete set of rules, below.

You can then use your seat over the course of the day, and overnight. You have to completely clean up and vacate by the next morning. Anything left behind will be taken to Lost & Found.

If you need to get up and get food, drink, sleep, or attend a panel, you can. Your seat is yours, but please note the Alley staff is not responsible for any items left behind while you are on break. After 6pm, if you are away, other artists may use the empty seat. However, if and when you come back you can get your spot back. As the seat holder, you get first choice.

Rule #1 of Artist Alley

  • You must possess a Texas Sales Tax Permit to sell anything, anywhere, at any time at Furry Fiesta.
  • AND you must have this on file with the Vendors Department (Dealers Den/Artist Alley).
  • AND have your Artist Ribbon affixed to your badge.
All three of the above conditions must be met.
There are absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.
Get a Tax Permit below — it’s free

Complete Artist Alley Rules


  • Artists selling any item at Furry Fiesta must collect Texas Sales Tax (8.25%).
  • No sales may take place by ANYONE without a Tax Permit being provided to Furry Fiesta (either to the Alley lead, or Dealer Den if Alley is unavailable). If you think you may sell an item, file your permit with the Convention.
  • When a Texas Sales Tax Permit is filed with the Vendor Relations Staff, the artist will be given an ‘Artist’ ribbon for their badge. This must be affixed at all times while doing business.
  • Tax Permits are available online, for free, at: You can submit your tax permit information to us before the convention by using this Submission Form

Seat Assignment & Lottery

Because the demand for space outstrips the availability of space, the Artist Alley uses a lottery system to determine who can have space and in what order they get to choose their seat. To enter the lottery for a seat in the artist alley, you must have completed the artist alley registration form (either in person or online pre-Convention) and have submitted a valid Texas Sales Tax Permit to Texas Furry Fiesta.

Note: all times TBA

Friday: Signups for the lottery will begin 90 minutes before the opening of artist alley on Friday morning. An artist may sign up until 30 minutes before the opening of artist alley. At that time, a lottery will be conducted to determine who gets a seat (if needed) and in which order they will be seated. The artist must be present at that time to accept their seat, artist not present will be skipped.

Saturday and Sunday: Signups for the lottery will be during the previous day and end when the dealers room closes. To sign up, please visit the Artist Alley operations table. When the dealers room closes, signups will be closed and a lottery will be held. The artist does not need to be present and the results will be posted in the Artist Alley area and on social media. At 9:30AM, artists that won a spot will need to be present in the artist alley for seat assignments. At that time, artists will be allowed to claim their spot based on the order they were selected in the lottery the previous night. Artists not present will be skipped. If an artist does not check in before the dealer room opens they forfeit their seat for the day and any unclaimed seats will be distributed through a last chance lottery held at that time of any artist wanting a space for the day.

Sunday Special Condition: Any artist entering the lottery for space on Sunday who entered the lottery on Friday AND/OR Saturday and did not win a space on either day will be granted a space on Sunday prior to the Lottery drawing. Artists that failed to claim won space on Saturday or won space in the last chance lottery on Saturday do not qualify for this special rule.

Seat Owner Priority

Upon being selected for a seat and paying their fee, each Artist Alley vendor will be given a token; this token will match a seat number for a specific day. This is your proof of payment and your rental of the seat for that day; do not misplace it. This token expires at 6AM the following morning.

  • Only artists that have a valid seat token for that day will be allowed to sell in the Artist Alley at times when the dealer room is open (Friday 11AM – 6PM, Saturday 10AM – 6PM, Sunday 10AM – 5PM)
  • The rightful owner of this token has the right to evict anyone sitting in their seat at any time during the day for which it is valid. Anyone sitting in a seat that is not the owner of that seat must immediately vacate upon request by the owner.
  • Should anyone fail to follow this rule, contact the Artist Alley Coordinator in Dealer’s Den (or, for after-hours assistance, contact Security) and we will address the situation.

Use of Artist Alley by Non-Priority Artists

Only artists that have a valid seat token for that day will be allowed to sell at times when the dealer room is open. When the dealer room is not open on Friday or Saturday night, any artist may sit and sell in a vacated space, provided they have an “Artist” or “Dealer” ribbon on their badge and provided all other rules of the artist alley are followed, including limits on what is sold.

Appropriate Use / Liability

  • Anyone (seat owner or otherwise) making use of an Alley Space will be responsible for proper conduct at that seat, including adherence to tax laws.
  • Artists are responsible for any damage to hotel property and equipment in the Artist Alley. Hotel property and equipment may not be modified in any way, including but not limited to: holes, chips, paint, glue, or damage due to rough or inappropriate behavior. Fees for damaged equipment will be assessed by the Hotel and the Artist will be responsible for paying these fees. Please use provided equipment responsibly and take caution when using potentially risky materials (such as inks).
  • Artists are expected to keep their areas neat and tidy; when you are finished, you are expected to clean up any trash, scraps, or other mess. Anyone found leaving an excessive mess will be addressed.
  • ALL items must be removed from an artist’s space by drawing the next day so that the hotel may clean the space. This includes racks and other equipment. Storing of said items under tables overnight is not allowed and any items found will be sent to lost and found.

Space Layout

  • A single table space for the Artist Alley is 3 feet wide by 28 inches deep.
  • Artists may use vertical table displays as long as they are a reasonable height, stable and they do not interfere with other artists. Displays may only be anchored on the table, not on the floor.
  • Artists may not post signs or posters on walls. They may not erect additional stands or tables behind, in front of or beside their table space. Signs may be hung from the front of their table space or may use small stands to display signs or merchandise within in their table space.
  • The Artist Alley area does have power outlets that will be available for your use, however not every space will have easy access to it. You may use power as long as your cords do not cause a tripping or other safety hazard. Furry Fiesta will not be running power to tables away from outlets, but a power strip will be provided near the Artist Alley operations table to allow an artist to run quick use items, such as a laminator, as needed.
  • You may not expand into your neighbor’s space without their explicit permission.
  • All items for sale must be on your table or otherwise displayed. Additional stock of items may be stored under, behind or besides your table, as long as it does not interfere with other artists or the flow of the room.

Permitted Goods

Artists may only sell items they have made. Please contact us with any questions regarding whether an item may or may not be sold.

  • Samples of Allowed: Art, badges, tails, self-mixed candles/incense/soap, costumes/suits, jewelry, prints, books, comics, or other media for which they are the sole creator of the content, home-made plush or stuffed animals, etc.
  • Samples of NOT Allowed: Glow sticks, commercial food items, stuffed animals made by a third party, books, Scentsy/Avon/similar products, comics or other media for which they are not the sole creator of the content, etc.

Prohibited Items

Items prohibited for sale. This list may be appended at any time. Prohibited items include (but are not limited to):

  • Firearms and weapons.
  • Flammable/incendiary items other than candles and incense.
  • Alcohol
  • Home-made food items manufactured in facilities without FDA or local health inspector oversight.
  • Any other item prohibited by Texas Furry Fiesta, in the State of Texas or in the City of Dallas.

Adult Material

  • Adult Material is permitted, but it must be censored / obscured to prevent access by minors.
  • Areas to be fully censored include the male and female genital region, female nipples and bodily fluids. Comedic censoring is allowed, but must provide full coverage.
  • All Adult Material (including but not limited to printed, video, computer-generated, drawn, audio and physical) must be censored.
  • Each artist is responsible for policing his/her own table to keep minors from being inadvertently exposed.
  • Minors will be wearing a distinct Minor badge, but artists must check ID if the individual appears to be less than 18 years of age.
  • If adult art is loose or in a binder, individual works must be censored.
  • The artist is responsible for providing their own martial to make such censor.


Due to Texas State law, we cannot allow raffles of any sort (whether money is involved or not) to occur in the artist alley.

Removal of Goods

Furry Fiesta reserves the right to ask artists to remove from display or sale any items the staff feels are inappropriate.

Convention Policies

All Furry Fiesta policies must be followed in addition to the rules listed here.

Good Business Practices

  • Providing your customers with appropriate contact methods both during Con and after-Con, in order to follow up on commissioned work. We recommend business cards and/or receipts.
    • Note to Customers:
      • ALWAYS get your artist’s contact information, including Badge name, so that you can follow up as needed.
      • Put your contact info inside the cover of your sketchbook, or at least an email address where you can be reached.
  • Follow through on commissioned pieces, especially if money has already been accepted. Repeated reports of ‘scamming’ will be addressed.
  • Return ‘take home’ work, especially sketchbooks.

Rule Amendment

Furry Fiesta reserves the right to amend these policies without prior or posted notice.

Hours of Operation

Hours TBA.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Email us at [email protected]


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