We need your assistance to make sure that Furry Fiesta 2022 goes off without madness taking its toll on the Furry Fiesta staff!

When we held our 2020 Texas Furry Fiesta Convention, little did we know that as we laughed, danced, sang, played, chatted and caught up with our Furry Friends that we would not be able to see each other again in person for the rest of the year. We did not know that 2021 was going virtual and we did not know that 2022 was going to be the next time we would all get to see each other.

2022 Oceanic Adventures: Every year our Volun-Furs help us keep things “afloat” by volunteering hundreds of hours. They are the behind-the-scenes “Lifeguards” whose service does not go unnoticed. You can earn cool thank you gifts based on the number of hours you are willing to give. Come “Take the Plunge” with the Volunteer Department. Please consider giving us a few hours of your time while you rekindle old friendships and make new ones.


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